February 7, 2007

Added seven new pieces of original Hulk artwork that I have acquired, take a look

Added two new additions to the Awards & Recogniztion section including when I was interviewed for a tv show.

February 9, 2007

Added seven new Hulk action figures: Variant Abomination, Green Icons Hulk, Grey Icons Hulk, House of M Hulk, Planet Hulk, Superhero Squad Hulk, and Magnetix Hulk

February 7, 2007

Brand, spankin' new look for the website, let me know what you think!!

July 2, 2006

Updated figures section with 5 new Hulk-related figures: Face-Off Hulk, Face-Off Hulk Variant, Face-Off Leader, Face-Off Leader Variant, and Legends Abomination.

Updated Hulk toys with a lot of new stuff

April 24 , 2006

Updated all the Hulk action figures with new better pictures, plus added 5 new figures!!!